64 Ways Volleyball Players Know They Are Addicted

This is an accumulation of different sources with respect to when you know you play volleyball.


1. You figure everybody ought to need to wear spandex.

2. When somebody says “shag” the main thing you consider is volleyball.

3. When you’re taller than the vast majority of your class. Or then again when you’re not, and individuals think about how you play volleyball when you’re not 6’11.

4. At the point when the words “outside,” “center,” and “right/frail side” mean everything to you.

5. When you understand your thighs never again fit in your pants.

6. You could most likely beat anybody in divider sits.

7. At the point when a ball is flung at your face, you set, pass, or hit it. Or then again you thrash your arms spastically.

8. You realize what a libero is/does.

9. You have in excess of one sets of knee cushions.

10. You get furious when somebody says volleyball isn’t a hard game.

11. You claim no less than one shirt that has “volleyball,” “hit,” or an illustration of a volleyball on it.

12. You know how to tape yourself.

13. You know why lower leg props are a need.

14. You have wounds on your knees, elbows, lower legs, neck, shoulders, back, head, and so forth.

15. You’ve culminated drawing a volleyball.

16. You’ve had a go at setting into a b-ball band. Furthermore, it’s considerably less demanding than really shooting a ball into a b-ball band.

17. You know a hotcake is something other than a comment.

18. You figure TV should indicate more volleyball than some other game.

19. You’ve been inquired as to why volleyball players wear spandex.

20. You know your vertical, and dependably trust by one means or another it gets higher.

21. You’ve had no less than one ball hit you in the face.

22. You’ve been to volleyball camp. Ordinarily.

23. You know who Misty May is.

24. You know a scoreboard like the back of your hand.

25. You need to concede that you like those “Pro!” salud.

26. At whatever point you see a volleyball, you need to touch it.

27. At a certain point in your life, you’ve had knee issues.

28. You realize what those “other” lines in the exercise center are.

29. You don’t spill balls, you smack them with the palm of your hand.

30. You claim a couple of “volleyball” shoes.

31. You realize what a 4-2, a 6-2, and a 5-1 is.

32. You have muscles where you didn’t think muscles existed.

33. You’re not anxious of falling.

34. You’ve seen that film “All You’ve Got” and needed to compose the chief on how terrible it was.

35. You see tall individuals and think “she/he would make an awesome volleyball player.”

36. When you know to shave your armpits previously a diversion… what’s more, net out when the blockers on the other group neglected to.

37. You squander a great deal of gas heading to competitions.

38. You are/have been in a volleyball club.

39. You can’t really run… yet, you beyond any doubt as hellfire can dash.

40. You giggle when you see other individuals attempting to play volleyball.

41. You get extremely steamed when somebody kicks a volleyball.

42. Volleyball is more imperative than whatever else that you need to do.

43. You have changeless floor-consume marks.

44. You’ve needed to smack your mentor at a certain point. And additionally your mentor has needed to smack you sooner or later.

45. Two words: GET LOW.

46. You recognize what “sideout” implies. Or then again you don’t, however you shout it in any case.

47. You believe it’s ordinary to have balls intentionally hit at your face.

48. While going up for a hit, you’ve at any rate totally missed the ball once in your life.

49. You’ve keep running into a divider, shaft, individual, grandstands… ordinarily.

50. Exercise center (or P.E.) volleyball isn’t volleyball. You wind up hollering at everybody since they’re treating it terribly.

51. You can put your hand up to a volleyball net and advise somebody that it is so near the stature it should be.

52. You’ve endeavored passing or setting a ball and bombed wretchedly.

53. Your knees smell after an amusement.

54. Whenever spandex/tights wound up popular, you resembled, “I’ve been wearing those from the beginning.”

55. There ask why there’s a NBA, the NFL, the NHL, yet no NVL?

56. There’s dependably that one individual on the contradicting group that you need to slap over the face.

57. You loathe that clasps and metal hair frill are prohibited. Wearing a quite stylish stretchy headband isn’t entertaining. What’s more, they slip off amidst serious encourages.

58. You openly pick wedgies.

59. You never simply “get up.” You roll.

60. You can without much of a stretch review the clamor of skin sliding against an as of late waxed court. Regardless it influences you to flinch.

61. You’ve gotten the ball amidst an extraordinary rally since you thought the official blew his shriek… just to understand that the shriek originated from the court beside you.

62. You attempt to threaten the other group amid warm-ups.

63. You’ve spent at any rate half of a whole amusement pulling down your small spandex since they ride up to such an extent.

64. You utilize pre-wrap (in an assortment of hues) more on your hair than your wounds.

Furthermore, recall, diligent work beats ability when ability neglects to buckle down.